Product Information

  • Dialysis center intelligent Management System

    The new Hemodialysis Center Intelligent Management System is designed to provide convenient, safe and effective treatment for doctors, nurses and patients.。

    Eight core modules

    "Internet diagnosis evaluation, Prescription , dialysis, disease observation, medical advice execution, treatment summary through “the equipment + medical care + patients + dialysis center + remote operation and maintenance center , remote medical treatment and operation and maintenance services through Internet; enhance the patient's sense of treatment experience through the patient's online A pp ; provide the whole process from self-registration, charges, consumables out of the warehouse, medical waste treatment, etc. , provide online appointment, diet guidance, health education, automatic diagnosis of communication between doctors and patients, statistical analysis tools,through the mode of mobile medical care and new dialysis center management to achieve standardized, standardized, intelligent management of dialysis centers.

    Patient management                  Dialysis management      Charges management        Warehouse management

    Medical record management        System management       Equipment management    Data management

    Multi-platform application to create better dialysis services

    The Hemodialysis Center Intelligent Management Software already includes basic management functions,
    and we also offer customized services to make dialysis management easier and more efficient.

    1.Patient Management: Patient Info, Patient Profile, Treatment Plan, Dialysis Arrangement, Medication Plan, Dry Weight Adjustment, Assessment of Dialysis Adequacy

    2.Dialysis Management: Automatic Scheduling, Check-in Form, Automatic Bed Arrangement, Confirm Check-in Information, Medical Advice, Confirm Connected with patient , Implement Medical Advice,  Record Observation, Confirm Machine Disconnected, Charging, Dialysis Summary

    3.Medical Record Management: Homepage of Outpatient Medical Record, Special Medical Record for extracorporeal blood treatment , Patient Nutrition Assessment Record, Examination Result, Test Results, Dialysis Record, Informed Notice, Medical Quality Control

    4.Equipment Management: Equipment Info, Maintenance Record, Repair Record, Repair and Maintenance Record, Biochemical Testing, Cleaning and Disinfection Record, Detect Message Reminder

    5.Warehouse Management: Warehouse Info, Purchasing Application Management, Warehouse Management, Returns Management, Refund and Return Management, Picking and unloading  Management, Price Management, Scrap Management, In and Out of warehouse  Management

    6.Other Managements: Data Analysis, Expense Management, Statistical Analysis, Employee Management, System Management

    Cooperative Hospital

     KM Dialysis Center in Liangjiang New district, Chongqing

    Guangzhou General Hospital of Guangzhou Military Command 

    Taojia Dialysis center in Jiulongpo district, Chongqing

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