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SWS Medical is located in Chongqing. As the city of Chongqing is unique, magical and inclusive, we respect the development willingness of every employee, cherish the responsibility and passion of them, and help everyone achieve greatest personal value.


Over the past 20 years, SWS has been developing steadily, and has been the giant of hemodialysis industry in China. In the future, SWS will become a force that can not be underestimated in the global blood purification industry.


We regard every employee as an indispensable family member. We trust and respect each other and work towards a common mission to build a world-class hemodialysis brand for the benefit of kidney patients worldwide.


In SWS, you can offer advice no matter what kind of work you do. Every employee can demonstrate their talents through rationalization of suggestions.


In SWS, you can concentrate on the company's perfect promotion system, rational PK, management competition, and every employee has a platform to show themselves , so as to achieve greatest self-worth.


In SWS, you can experience the “multi-skilling” life, we value both of your work performance and your spare time.




In SWS, we strive to create an ideal workplace and atmosphere. We provide more than just a job, but a sacred cause to create a world-class hemodialysis brand that benefits all kidney patients worldwide.


Your joining makes us grow stronger!



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